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This is the place to find blogs and video tutorials which can ultimately help you to communicate more effectively and ultimately help your business reach a wider audience with the message you want to potrait,

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Web design

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Online Marketing

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Public Relations

- Writing a press release



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Advertising Ireland It is very easy for an new Irish business to spend quite wrecklessly on advertising and get little or no return. Here we hope you will enjoy some of our key tips relating to – Online Advertising – Newspaper Advertising – Radio Advertising – Television Advertising – Other Advertising Solutions  

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Generating Online Traffic Part One

Generating Online Traffic – An Online Sellers Perspective Part One – Introduction and some things to do and not to do I recently gave a presentation to the the E-Commerce Ireland Meet-Up group in Dublin on Generating Online Traffic. This talk was based on my own experiences as a hands on seller who manages my …

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing Ireland Having a website doesn’t mean that your target audience are going to find you. Getting found online takes plenty of hard work and somtimes an online advertising budget. Here we endeavour to provide you with useful tutorials covering the following topics. – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per …

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Public Relations

Public Relations Ireland Advertising is no doubt an important part of the marketing mix but a strong public relations campaign can achieve much stronger results in business. When you advertise you are informing the public about the services you provide but it is you that is relating the message. When a journalist  your  mentions your …

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Ireland Trying to run a marketing strategy today without integrating social media is like trying to start a car without and engine. Here we have compiled some advice on some of the key social media tools that your business should be using. – Facebook – Twitter – Linked-In – Youtube – Other …

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Web Design

Web Design Ireland If you don’t have a good working knowledge of web design issues their is a good chance that you will end up paying over the odds to have a website designed or redesigned. At we are big fans of wordpress based websites. Through wordpress a non-techie can easily get there own …

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