Aug 16

Free Consultations for Small Businesses

Free Online Marketing Consultation for Irish Owners of Small


Confused on how to make an impact online? We can help for free!


If you are the owner of a small business or looking to embark on a start-up we are glad to announce that we are now offering a free one hour consultancy advising on how to market your business.

Over the course of the hour we can look at your business and advise you on the following types of matters.

1: Market research – Is the product(s) or service you sell likely to succeed online? We can use online research tools to give you a outlook on your prospects for success. If the market ain’t out there there is no point wasting your time after all.

2: Content Marketing and Search engine optimisation – How to attract relevant visitors to your website who are looking for the products or services you offer without paying for the traffic.

3: Getting the most out of your advertising budget – If your product or services will sell online you should be advertising online. If this is not done with a purpose though you can easily waste a lot of money. We can offer advice on structuring your cost per click adverts to minimise wastage.

4: Creating effective e-marketing / newsletter campaigns – Online newsletters can be a very cost effective way of promoting your business but have to be well structured and appeal to your audience. We can help you put the best foot forward for your e-marketing campaigns.

5: PR and media coverage – Getting a write up in a local or national newspaper or a mention of a local or national radio station can be much more effective then spending money on advertising. We can help you create a public relations strategy which can maximise your media coverage prospects.

6: Video marketing – How to go about creating an effective video marketing campaign online

7: Social media advice – Often overstated in importance by so called experts.. We can advice you on anything for setting up accounts to using them effectively.

8: Using other channels to sell – We can advice on how to sell effectively through ebay and other third party sales channels.

We are limiting these free one hour consultations to the first 10 people that contact us on it.

So Don’t Monkey About!

Call Colm today on  01 8428187  or mobile 087 666 1204  alternatively email colm@socialme.ie

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